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Autism Seminars on Demand

Dr Kurt Woeller Autism Seminars On Demand Welcome to Autism Seminars On Demand. This website contains a compilation of Dr. Kurt Woeller’s lecture presentations regarding biomedical intervention for autism. Over the years, Dr. Woeller has provided parents of individuals with autism, as well as physicians and health care practitioners caring for such patients, a unique perspective on the science and clinical application of biomedical therapies.

Dr. Woeller’s ability to provide detailed information regarding diagnostic testing, therapies, and protocols that is understandable for all parties makes his information unique in the world of autism education.

Each seminar available on this site is a presentation Dr. Woeller has given on a specific subject or concept related to biomedical intervention for autism. People have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars to attend conferences to hear Dr. Woeller give these presentations. Now, you can get these same seminars for a fraction of what others have paid, delivered in the comfort of your own home, with Autism Seminars on Demand.

All of the seminars’ Power Point slides are available in color .pdf format (downloadable to your computer). Most are also available as “Pay Per View” videos, which means Dr. Woeller narrates the entire presentation as you follow along on your own computer. There is even a special discount when you purchase the videos and downloadable .pdfs together, or when you purchase a 2 week “All Access Pass” to view all of the seminars.

These Symbols Let You Know Which Format The Seminars Are Currently Available In:

downloadable .pdf iconDownloadable .pdf
This symbol means that the seminar is available as a downloadable .pdf file. The .pdf contains the actual Power Point slides Dr. Woeller used for his presentation (but does not include the audio portion of the lecture). These slides are in a color.pdf format that you download to your computer to review as often as you like now and in the future. These .pdf downloads are $9.

Movie Icon Pay-Per-View Video
This symbol means the seminar is available in a “Pay Per View” video format. The video contains the actual Power Point slides Dr. Woeller used in the presentation, as well as a high quality audio track of Dr. Woeller explaining in great detail, the content from each slide. Each presentation is packed with information that is clinically relevant and easy to understand. The Pay Per View video is available for a ONE TIME ONLY VIEW for you to watch on our site (downloading to your computer is not on option) for just $12.

all-access-icon All Access Pass This symbol means the seminar is part of the “All Access Pass.” This Pass allows you to view ALL OF THE VIDEOS ON THE SITE – OVER 10 HOURS OF VIDEO for a period of 14 days, as often as you’d like (downloading to your computer is not an option). This service is just $49–an excellent value!

Autism Seminars On Demand